Kickee Pants Culinary Arts

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While we expect and hope this collection will arrive in time for Easter (April 4th), we can not guarantee it. If you are local, we recommend choosing our store pickup option to be on the safer side in the event the shipment is delayed.
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Kickee Pants is an incredibly soft bamboo brand that is a favorite among moms everywhere!
Why choose Bamboo for your family? 
  • Bamboo is an eco-friendly sustainable fiber with natural antibacterial properties.
  • Bamboo requires no pesticides or herbicides in the growing process.
  • Bamboo has a natural wicking ability that will help keep baby warm or cool, dry, and odor free.
  • Bamboo is naturally soft, light, and silky with no spurs or rough patches, so it does not require synthetic or chemical processing.
  • Bamboo is very gentle and soothing next to a baby’s sensitive skin. 
Give your family the best! Give them Kickee Pants! 
Kickee Pants pieces that are sizes 9-12m and larger and abide by a "PJ Snug Approved Fit."
If you are new to Kickee Pants, you might want to consider up sizing in pajamas once you reach that 9-12m size. Sizes 6-9m and smaller are considered loose layette-style fit while sizes 9-12m and larger are snug fitting and abide by pajama fire safety regulations.